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Waiting For Irene
Who is, at least, kind enough to let us get in a football game this evening. It's halftime. We have gaming tomorrow, so tonight has become hurricane-preparedness night.

Lessee...cell phone is charging, netbook is charging, my MP3 is charged, my mother's MP3 is supposed to be charging (instead it drained the battery, still working on that little issue), portable battery-powered speakers are on hand, some movies and such are on a thumb drive and playable on the netbook, several books available for reading, all sizeable candles are located and assembled in one spot, all matches located and assembled in one spot, all batteries located (except for the rechargeable ones that have been MIA for a while now), a flashlight and lantern are in place, picked up milk and bottled water, already had everything else food/beverage-wise, and Mom somewhat amazingly remembered to look for more things at Home Depot. She came up with a flashlight, a maglight and a chargeable spotlight (which is charging), but they were out of batteries. Both dogs are started on calming medications and should be mellow by Saturday night.

My big worries are: the outside furniture that's too heavy for either of us to move, and if we lose power, losing a full fridge and freezer we just stocked Saturday.

Bring it on, Irene, we'll just say good night!