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Gonzai Gallery

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Get This Party Started
Checking In
The rain & wind started around noon, but they picked up in a major way around 7ish. The wind is definitely kicking in, the treetops are in full motion. Not so bad closer to the ground, but I'd rather the treetops didn't join us down here. CJ left the porch just long enough to pee, but Roxie won't even leave the house and hasn't all day. She's going to be hurting tomorrow, I think. Irene is presently in the Hampton Roads area and approaching my uncle Rick's place; Rick called a couple hours ago to let us know it's mostly so far so good for him, except that a tree came down and landed in his brand new swimming pool. Better than on the house, methinks. I'm just worrying about that ancient oak in our front yard. Partly because of that - if that tree comes down, its options are across the street, on my car or on my bedroom - but mostly because of the noise, CJ and I are going to bunk down in the basement tonight. And with any luck, sleep. Yeah, right.