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Good Night, Irene
Checking In
Well, nothing wrong this morning that wasn't self-inflicted. Sleeping in the basement meant I didn't hear Irene, but the couch was maybe 18 inches wide so I couldn't move. Had to sleep on my back the whole night, so I didn't sleep much and my neck and back are killing me. The couch was also directly below the air vent, so I was freezing when the AC was on and roasting when it wasn't. When daylight started up, CJ felt we should get up, and clawed me in several painful places to let me know that. I think I may have slept 2 hours, if that.

Storm-wise, we lost power off and on during the night, but it seems to be OK now. Lot of small limbs down but nothing that a rake can't deal with. The last band of rain is about to pass through and we shall be clear.
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