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Post-Hurricane Blues
Bad Day
Well, between my lousy night on downstairs couch and moving all the stuff around, my back, neck, knee, ankle, shoulders, hands and left wrist and elbow are all killing me. Still trying to figure out how I sprained my ankle and wrist. So basically I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Meanwhile, the office has power. And apparently nothing else does. All the traffic lights between the house and the office are out, and a couple places are also blocked by trees. I have 10 ways to get home from work and all of them had at least one blockage. Plus I was sent out to make a bank deposit, and not only were all the lights out, but as it turned out, the bank didn't have power either. Took 3 banks to find one that was open.

The upshot is that Irene may not have been as bad as advertised, but boy has she been a pain in the ass.
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