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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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The 11 Best Days of Summer
Checking In
That's the longstanding tagline for the Maryland State Fair. I haven't been there since 1987, I think. Last time I'm sure that I went, anyway. I have no interest whatsoever in games or rides or deep-fried whatever, but I do like my critters. So I finally went back. Wasn't the best day for it - hot, humid, no one was allowed into the horse area, the only goats/llamas/alpacas were in the petting zoo, it was pretty much dairy cows or bust. But I did land a winner in that category - sort of. See, I only brought one memory card with me. And it filled up right quick. Clearly I could either take pictures, or have my one short film. The movie had to go. Just pictures. You'll see...

ETA Maybe you'll see. LJ is giving me fits over images. On the netbook it wouldn't let me scroll down far enough to see the 'Upload' or 'OK' buttons, on the main computer it's only letting me put up one photo. Period. WTF? We'll go with the one for now.

ETA ETA - if I save the entry, then edit it, it lets me keep adding photos. Eesh.

Bad hair day...

Some need food, others need a nap.

Others were ready to head out early.

This is Bowser. You may have seen him on the Today show last week. He weighs over 1,000 pounds. Meep.

This little guy is 2 days old.

A very pretty girl.

And a couple of Percherons, post wagon pull.

The big event will have to wait until tomorrow, when hopefully LJ feels better.