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Welcome to the World
Dr Who
So yesterday when posting about the State Fair, I was griping about memory cards. The reason being that for the first time ever, I ran out of memory before I ran out of battery in the camera and I forgot to bring an extra card. The reason I needed/wanted another card? Ben & Jerry.

No really, this makes sense.

This is a 3 year old Jersey cow. She had a rough day yesterday.

She was on display at the State Fair because they figured (correctly) that she was going to give birth imminently. What they didn't know was that her calf was going to be a breech birth, or that he wasn't alone. They had to call in a vet, who shoved the baby back into his mama, then grabbed both legs and yanked him out. How rude.

This is Jerry, aged 1 minute.

In the process of pulling out Jerry, the vet discovered there was a second calf in there, also a breech. (Twins are very rare with cattle.) So she yanked him out by the back legs as well. Ben & Jerry were reunited a few minutes later. They're still less than 10 minutes old.

Mamma needed a swat to get her up and over to her babies, but by 15 minutes she was giving Ben a bath.

I stopped back an hour later to see how things were going. Neither calf had stood yet (Ben was really trying, but couldn't figure out what those front leg things were for) but they were settled in with their Mamma.

All in all, an exciting day at the fair!

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Dawwww - way back when we had a visiting petting zoo at Sesame Place, one of the goats went into labor while the park was still open :) When the little one finally made his appearance, the saxophone player played "Happy Birthday", and the zoo named the baby Sesame.

So cute :)

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