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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Random Stuff
Between the crabs and the fair, I left out the rest of the weekend. So, in short sharp shock format:

Hurt my shoulders some more hauling furniture to the crab feast, which then didn't get used. The left shoulder is getting extreme now (hurts all the way to the elbow) and I didn't sleep worth a darn Saturday night. Also, my back really hates this whole sleeping on it thing.

After the fair, I was working on the computer and my foot bumped the stand. Five minutes later I happen to look down and there's blood everywhere. ?!? Seems that little bump was just enough to split the nail on my left big toe, right down the middle, almost the whole way. Keeping it completely bandaged and making the switch back to proper shoes a month early, but otherwise I don't know what to do with it.

Speaking of a month early, it's September 6th in Baltimore and I had to wear a freakin' jacket this morning. WTF? 

While WTFing, a co-worker has been in the office for 3 hours so far today. She has used the facilities 8 times in those 3 hours. (And refused to refill the TP because she's an attorney and such things are beneath her, of course.)

Dumbass of the week was at the crab feast. Guy decided to join a group of people at a table, and appropos of nothing announced "I'm one of the first tea partiers. I'm not a racist. None of us are racists. We just don't want a black President." If his intent was to clear the table, it worked. And I gave him a wide berth the rest of the day. Moron.

Did some movie watching, category 'Weird combinations'. In order of viewing: Temple Grandin, All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 edition), Blade Runner (director's cut), Milk, and the Seven Year Itch. Scary what happens when I try to clear space on the DVR...