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RIP Yaroslavl Locomotiv
Bad Day
I'm actually starting to feel glad I'm not into hockey anymore, because this year is turning into a nightmare. All but one person on board the plane died, and while no one has been confirmed dead, I knew to one extent or another several of the players believed to have been on board. Coaches Brad McCrimmon, Alexander Karpovtsev and Igor Korolev; and players Ramzi Abid, Pavol Demitra, Ruslan Salei, Karel Rachunek and Josef Vasicek all played in the NHL during my heyday with the sport and somewhere in the basement is an assortment of autographs from and photographs with all of them. Can anything else possibly happen to hockey this year? Do we even want to think about it?

Updated: Abid & Salei were not on the plane.

Further Updated: Now they say Salei was on the plane.
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