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Stuff And Things
Checking In
Yesterday was medical day. I had an appointment with the orthopedist - who I swear is needle-happy - and he sent me out for x-rays as well. He thinks it's still just an impingement, but the pain in my biceps and elbow makes me doubt that. Still, he gave me a needle full of cortisone...directly into the space we had already determined wasn't big enough. (It's absolutely killing me today.) Then Mom had an appointment with the same doctor. Went to have blood drawn per last week's doctor. We had breakfast, drove around a bit and went to an open house (turned out the homeowner used to represent me in the Maryland legislature, and yes I voted for him), went to Borders only to find out it closed a few days earlier than it was supposed to, then off to the dentist. He wanted me right back next week to fix a cavity which was odd as I was the last patient of the day. Don't know why they couldn't just do it then. But he also wanted to do cosmetic work to the tune of two grand. I do NOT have two grand lying around. Sheesh. Went home and watched a couple movies - 'The Kids Are Alright' was just that, alright. 'How To Train Your Dragon' was a complete surprise and delight. Might even have to get it some time if the price is right.

Back to the office today, Tuesday had been crazy busy and apparently yesterday was as well. So we went for 3 straight days of chaos, and all signs indicate tomorrow will be the same. Terrific. Watching 'Up In The Air' now, how could anyone turn down George Clooney? And he's nowhere near tops on my list, but I couldn't say no.