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Doggie Destruction
oh really
As if my day weren't long enough...I come home to find that CJ spent apparently the entire day flipping out in her crate. Mom didn't even check on her, much less do anything about it, so CJ went crazy on the crate for nearly eight hours. She broke off two of the metal bars completely, snapped off three of the zipties I had used to re-enforce the joints of the crate, and chewed off the ends of six more zipties. Meanwhile, once the bars were broken off, she was able to reach the carpet, and she destroyed about a square foot of that, in the middle of the room. (Can't replace it; too much stuff in the room to move.) And the hole in the carpet is bloody, although I can't tell from where as all nails and teeth are accounted for. Still, gah. Mom insists she didn't know what to do about it, so she did nothing. How about letting the dog out of the crate at some point? Or at least going up to see what's happening? Or even call me and tell me so I can give her suggestions? Double gah. I feel like I can't leave the house anymore, if the dogs don't wreck something my mother will.
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