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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Short TV Thoughts
Mild spoilers following:

The Good Wife - Alicia and Will have that entire office hornswoggled. Smart people.

Boardwalk Empire - granted I just watched season 1 a couple weeks ago, but it seems to have moved seamlessly into Season 2. And Chalky is one cold fellow. I suspect his wife and/or son are doomed.

Hawaii 5-0 - Damn Alex O'Loughlin is hot. I can form no other coherent thoughts.

Castle - that was awfully complicated...

Alphas - my my my. Rosen certainly did turn this thing on its ear.

Dexter's premiere ep. Already seen it. (Don't ask). It may be the funniest episode of Dexter's entire run. Just sayin'.

And I still have 5 more shows parked on the DVR. Good thing I'm off tomorrow. Next week, I'm screwed.