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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Next Time, I Take the Netbook
oh really
I wish the instructor had told us to bring a laptop or other such device tonight. I just handwrote a few thousand words, with my gimpy hand. And that's half of what I was supposed to write, I used shorthand, left out prepositions and often just plain skipped it. Today was anatomy day so most of the material was stuff I learned in high school biology; throw in college biology and anatomy and why was I here tonight? Oh yeah, to total my hand. Icing it well before bedtime.

On the other hand, we were given a quiz last week. If you got less than 70%, you failed. And had to stay late to conference with the instructor. I had a 95%, so the second class was over I boogied. But of the 10 people in the class...only 3 others left. 60% failure rate? Seriously? And while I don't think I failed today's quiz, I didn't do as well, either. I studied the notes from last week; she quizzed on us on two weeks ago. Feh. So if I just did OK...ouch for my classmates.