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Stupid People On The Road
say what?
Not just the drivers today either. Besides having to follow a car with 4 smokers in it for 2 miles *cough cough*, I also observed a crashed school bus blocking an intersection, and an accident at an intersection where one of the same cars (and presumably the same driver) nearly hit me a few weeks ago because she was too busy texting to obey a stop sign (or my horn...) But the topper came from someone who wasn't in a car. The panhandlers at an intersection near my office are many and determined, but today they were displaced by a church group running around with buckets begging for cash. I don't give anything to anyone begging on the street, so I ignored the woman shaking the bucket by my window. She then went and stood in front of my car shaking her bucket while the rest of traffic starting moving for the green light. Plenty o'horns from me and most of the other cars, but she was bound she was going to get money out of me. Finally I yelled at her that if she wanted to meet Jesus that badly, I might just oblige her, and the guy behind me heard that and yelled that he wouldn't see a thing. She finally got out of the road, yelling at me the whole way for 'not acknowledging God'. Un-be-freaking-lievable.