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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Weekend Over
Managed to get caught up on the DVR recordings, but not on downloads. Lots'o'British shows to go. Didn't study for tomorrow's final quite the way I should have, but my notes are in order and my take home work is finished. It's an open final (for some odd reason) so I'm not sure really need to do anything past organizing the notes. Went gaming Friday and this afternoon, and won a game Friday (Mom also won one.) Went 20 for 20 on my college football pick 'em ballot but doing lousy on the pros. And...that's about it. I have GOT to do laundry and vacuuming and Mom's bills. Maybe post test. No homework this week and no gaming this weekend, so maybe I really will get the everyday stuff caught up.

Now off to enjoy the last day of reading the Sun online. Bastards decided that, effective tomorrow, you have to pay to read the paper online. Even if you're a print subscriber (which I have been for 40 years) you have to buy a whole new subscription if you want to look at the website. I think they'll be getting a very rude surprise tomorrow when no one looks at the site again.