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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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This And That
Checking In
Short shots.

The WTMD countdown rolls on. It's interesting how as you go higher in the countdown, the songs get older. There were a lot of post-2000 songs in the first hundred, but now that we're in the 100-200 range it's mostly 70's. And given what we haven't heard yet, the top 100 will be heavily 60s.

FINALLY got CJ's new crate. Had to vacuum the whole upstairs, put down a chair mat I bought Tuesday (cost to refit CJ's daytime home: $120 and counting), tore down the old crate and built the new one. Owies for me. Last night, at least, no damage done.

Speaking of owies, went to the dentist yesterday. I have one lonely wisdom tooth that doesn't bother me. Until yesterday, when the dentist said it had 3 cavities in it. He shot it up with novocaine, of course, and the right side of my face is very sore and achy today.

I. HATE. STINK. BUGS. Self-explanatory.

Made a new friend at the ferret demo Monday. His name is Blaze, he is a 4 year old silver hob, and he likes me. Everytime he saw me, he went into ferret 'pick me up! pick me up!' mode. I obliged him several times :) Squirmy fellow, Blaze is, but very friendly. I wanna ferret! (I know, I know, and I'm realistic enough to know I don't have the time or money for another pet now. But doggone it, someday, I want ferrets.)

Oh, yeah. Passed the class. Section 2 starts Monday.