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Dogfest is No Fest
My big thing for today was to go to the county Humane Society's annual Dogfest, which is all manner of dog-related contests, activities and information while raising money for animal rescue. A good cause, yes? And boy, could I use the free consultation with the animal behaviorist, as CJ has flipped her lid of late. 

And, despite the fact the Humane Society forgot to put directions to the facility anywhere on the web site, I found the place and got there in half an hour. And then sat. And sat. And sat. Sat in traffic for 40 minutes and still couldn't even see the facility. I asked a volunteer trooping up & down the road what the wait was; she said "30-40 minutes to get in the parking lot, another 20 to get in the gate." WTF? So I gave up and went home. Even if I was willing to wait another hour, at least, just to get in, how crowded must it be inside? And as I left, I saw the line of cars to get in was .9 miles long (yes, I checked the speedometer.) Frelling crazy. What a waste of time & gas. I could have gone to the dog show instead, with no wait at all. Grrr. 
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