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Spoilers and Speculations about Dexter S6
If you haven't seen the first 3 eps of Dexter Season 6, run, run away! Quickly!

OK, for starters:

Pretty nasty fate for a well-meaning jogger. I'm going to theorize that 'Anthony', like the fruit vendor, is a graduate of Brother Sam's Auto Body Repair & Spiritual Redemption Shop. I wouldn't be surprised if Travis also came through the shop at some point. The recovering addict, Nick, will become a victim of Travis. And thus Brother Sam will become invested in working with Dexter on the case.

Speaking of Travis, I think the Professor (EJ Olmos) is a figment of his imagination, ala Harry, Harvey or for full irony, Head Six.

Nice foreshadowing with the jam on the toy horse.

Quinn is an asshole.

Batista has always had a brotherly affection for Deb, and I'm glad he understands that she was made lieutenant for reasons beyond her control or intent. Doesn't hurt that she told him if he didn't want her to take the job, she wouldn't. I do hope one of these times she realizes she's a pawn in the game between LaGuerta & the Captain.

Now, the thing that drives me bananas, because sometimes tv just stretches credulity way too far for me. The horses. The one in the church was a stallion, no question, and historically the 4 Horsemen did ride stallions. The four horses used here are thus supposed to be stallions, clearly high-bred ones, two of unusual and desirable colors. So first off, Travis would have to pay at least 20K, and more likely 40-50K to buy those horses. If a horse dealer were stupid/greedy enough to sell one, much less 4, stallions to a greenhorn. It's more likely Travis stole them...but how the heck would he get close enough to 4 stallions to steal them and not get caught? How would he keep 4 stallions in a church? Churches aren't usually in the complete middle of nowhere, someone would hear the horses. And being stallions, they wouldn't exactly get along together. Then how do you transport the 4 horses to a busy Miami thoroughfare and send them on their way with no one noticing? And how do you get 4 stallions to gallop down said busy street, with all its distractions, without the guidance of a rider? Not to mention that what is on their backs is super-freaky to the horses, and the smell of blood and death isn't going to improve their moods. No, I don't see how Travis could do it.  (The TV crew is another story, of course, I just don't think one wimpy guy living in a church can pull it off.)