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Help Me, Flist!
The second section of my class started this week and they upped the homework quotient. A LOT. Which wouldn't be such a huge problem except I'm fighting both a bladder infection and an ear infection and haven't slept in days. I expect to spend the weekend curled up in a ball somewhere trying to sleep. Meanwhile, one of the assignments requires me to ask 5 people not related to me questions about what they feed their pets. We have one pet owner in the office this week (yes, I quizzed her) but the others are out, and if I'm too zonked to go out this weekend...

So if anyone owns a cat and/or dog and is really bored in the next few days, I need to know:

Pet - dog or cat, and approximate age
Primary food you give your pet?
Where you buy it?
Why do you choose this particular kind of food for your pet?

Thanks in advance for the help! Now I'll pass out on my desk.

PS If anyone knows of any good articles or books regarding hookworms, I also have to write a report on that.

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Dog, around 5 1/2(ish)

Taste of the Wild: Pacific Stream formula (dry food)

Pet Supplies Plus

It's grain free and high quality. It's fish-based (which Dahlia loves) and does not have chicken (which Dahlia has issues with). And when doing a comparison it was less expensive than the others of similar quality.

P.S. Have you asked in any of the dog communities like thedogcommunity or allthingsdog? You would get tons of answers there!

Well, I only need 5 people for this one :) I'll keep those in mind if later assignments demand it.

Thanks for the help all!

Cat - 3.5 years

Primary food - weruva canned food

bought- local pet store

why - she loves it insanely, I've never seen a cat take to a particular food this way, and it seems to special nutritionally, from what google reveals

I'm sorry you're nt feeling well!

Cat, Siamese, 4.5 years old
Food: Innova Reduced Fat
Where: PetsMart or Specialty pet store (Concord Pet)
Why: High protein content and less fillers

Patrick, male beagle mix, 14 years old
Food: Iams senior formula dry food mixed with half can Pedigree wet food.

Iams bought at PetsMart and Pedigree bought at Walmart.

Why: Patrick was eating adult formula Iams but we switched him to the senior formula a few years ago. The pieces are smaller and easier to chew, especially when mixed with the wet food.

Linus, lynx point Siamese, 2 years old.

Food: Iams hairball formula, Fancy Feast (prefers fish flavors)

Bought at Walmart and various grocery stores.

Why: Iams seems to digest well and makes the litterbox smell better. Linus prefers fish flavors, unlike my previous cat who preferred chicken. He also has an unfortunate tendency to eat the dog's food which makes him fart -- not sure why!

Not sure if this helps as I live in Ireland.
Cat.....10 years old
Main Food ......"Whiskas" Sachets (the leading brand) and occasionally "Felix" as an alternative. Both now have a formula for mature cats (over 7) and they generally only have these in bigger stores. He wont eat any fish flavour (tuna, salmon). The sachets are sold in packs of twelve 3 x 4 flavours) usually a meat selection or poultry or poultry/meat. He prefers jelly rather than gravy. He is NOT a good eater. Leaves more than he eats. He has always been that way. According to his vet there is enough moisture in the formula so he doesnt really need to drink. If we give him dry granulated food as an alternative he will drink.......he sits in the kitchen sink!!!! and will only drink running water. He is of course...crazy.

Cats, 2 Ages 11 and 7
Science Diet Active Longevity or Similar
Vet Recommended

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