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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Yes, Snow In October
How Nice
And naturally it decided to get started while we were in the supermarket. So we came out to rapidly falling and blowing snow landing on sleet and ice. By the time I had the groceries loaded in the trunk, there was almost as much snow in there as bags. Then when we got home the side stairs were completely iced, unloading the car was distinctly unamusing. And Roxie won't go out in such weather. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, I went to the library looking for material for the report I have to write for my class. Came up empty - none of the books had anything related to canine parasites. I have plenty of sources I found online, but no print things. And I'm reminded of why I don't miss school. I'm having a heckuva a time actually getting started on writing the report. I have the info, but actually writing the sucker is another thing. I need to at least have a draft done tomorrow, as I'll be at Euroquest most of the week and can't work on it then. Yippee.