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I. Love. This. House.
We saw http://www.13050jeromejay.com/in September, sort of. We got there 2-3 minutes before the open house ended, but no one had come so the realtor had already closed up the house and was leaving. So we saw it with the lights off and the doors locked. I decided I had to see it again. Ridiculous, I know, I'd have to win the lottery to get this house but holy moly, I love it love it LOVE IT.

Even better, they're using a marketing tool called 'Mouse On House' for it. Awesome web site.http://www.mouseonhouse.com/property/510/14262/?Branding=0

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WOW! How much does this house costs? It is a big place.
I went from selling my home and moving into a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1385 sq ft apartment with a washer/dryer, a big modern kitchen, dining room and big bathroom to a nursing home - 660 sq ft, 1 bedroom and bath. I have a postage stamp kitchen as I eat my diner in the dining room, a nice size bath, living room/ dining room and bedroom / office. Me and my 2 cats. I am very comfortable here.
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