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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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RIP Mt Washington Tavern
Long a landmark and one of Baltimore's most popular 'hot' spots, the Mt Washington Tavern took the hot part literally and burned to the ground this morning. Besides eating there occasionally (we did happy hour at the Tavern just prior to seeing Springsteen a couple years back) for some odd reason if you put my office's address into a GPS or Garmin system, it sends you to the Tavern instead of our office. And apparently at least one navigation system sent people to our office if they asked for directions to the Tavern. Weird, as the Tavern is two blocks away and a bridge divides its street and neighborhood from ours.

Meanwhile, I got to work this morning by pleading my case to the police. Really. They blocked off considerably more than the immediate area, to include the road that accesses it. Nobody in. I wound up pulling up to the cops and pretty much begging them to let me go to my job. (Yes, it boggles my mind.) After I explained in detail precisely where my office was and how I would not cross paths with the firefighters to get there, they relented and let me through. That's how the boss got in this morning as well. And meanwhile it's very hazy and smoky outside, and as of half an hour ago the road is still closed. They shut down the electricity and internet to the area for a while, but it's back, and so far so good on water supply.

The most tragic thing for me? The Tavern was home to a vintage Galaga machine. Not even a Ms Pac-Man anniversary version, but the original game. Damn.

And oh yeah, just to make it a full on Monday morning, for tonight's class I was supposed to bring a stool sample from CJ. Do I remember this at 7 in the morning? Hell no. So I didn't see where she did her thing this morning, which left me traipsing around the backyard in the dark and 30 degrees searching for fresh dog poop without stepping in it. That was joyous...