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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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I'm Just Sayin'
In my house browsing, I discovered there is a road in the area called 'Nuthatch Court'. Really. And I suppose it would be appropos if we were to live on it...

If I have amassed enough points on the quizzes and tests to pass the course, why do I still have to do a report? (Update: Grades just posted. Final tally 289/300. 100 on the report.)

While I'm on that one, why do I need to prove I've graduated high school when they're going to run a background check on me anyway? Shouldn't they find that in the check?

I'm losing my patience with GEICO. They have raised my premium $45-$60 each term the last two years, raising my overall price more than a third over what it was; I haven't had any accidents or tickets. They say it's 'cost of business in Maryland'. I think it may cost them MY business in Maryland.

The ne'er do well family across the street appears to have moved out. I vote for the house to be torn down. They've had three bad (often criminal) tenants and a lot of unattended vacancy there in the last ten years. Enough already.