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Gonzai Gallery

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I'm Thankful For Doggies
Like the ones I met at the dog show today, including some rare breeds. Today was the first time I've encountered Beaucerons & Norwegian Buhunds, and the second time for Icelandic Sheepdogs. There were others but I didn't get to see them. Anyhoo, piccie time!

 a (self-satisfied) Bichon Frise
 a Norwegian Buhund
 a long-haired Chihuahua
 a Shih Tzu
 a male Tibetan mastiff. (Females don't have as much mane as this guy.)
 a Yorkie

And last but certainly not least, what happens when you let a Chihuahua sit on your shoulder.

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Love the Tibetan Mastiff - they're so gorgeous, and I've yet to meet one in person!

Yes, that big guy was beautiful. And huge. He was there with his mate, who was considerably smaller and less hairy :)

I think the Buhund and the Icelandic were definitely more my speed size & coat-wise, though!

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