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Hand Over The Keys
Bad Day
Oy. Seems yesterday my mother tried to go grocery shopping at a store in a notoriously tricky shopping center. She couldn't find the way in. So she kept driving and driving and driving. She wound up 20 miles away from the store still looking for a place to park. Then to top it off, when she had first started the car that morning, the brake light came on. She ignored it. After driving around, racking up 40-50 miles on the car lost for an hour, she finally came to a familiar road and took it to our regular garage. The mechanic was concerned enough to tell her he couldn't fix the car today, he should drive her home. He said he was planning to hold the car until either Mike or I gave him the go ahead to return it, because he's had several customers he's had to help get off the road.

Mike and I are agreed that we don't want her driving anywhere but a half dozen or so very familiar places and otherwise she's to have me, a friend or a neighbor drive. I hope she'll take this seriously.
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