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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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A Boss-Free Day
How Nice
The boss spent his birthday in lawyering hell - mediation, in the District of Columbia, fending off a nuisance lawsuit from a woman who is suing us because we tried to make her pay for her luxury vehicle.

This, in turn, meant a quiet, mostly boring day at work. Fortunately we had Sky to barf for us. Then he tried to steal my lunch. Like I'm giving him food after he pukes. We got a new copier...with a 100-plus page manual. Great. (What's wrong with the old copier? Everyone together: "It's not working!" People who watched Leverage this week, will chuckle.) I amused myself most of the day by reading political bloggers who were dumbfounded by the dumbness of a certain current Texas governor.

Now for my latest unsuccessful attempt at sleep...