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The Class Is Really Getting Annoying
say what?
So, this class is part of the Continuing Adult Education program at the local Community College. My emphasis. So they offered extra credit to my Monday night class - if we attend a lecture at 10am on a Wednesday morning. Most of us are in the Monday night class because we work during the day. Duh. The upshot, it seems to me, is that those who are regular fulltime students are getting an opportunity for extra credit, while those who are adults and actually work for a living and go to school at night - which is the demographic I thought Adult Education was suppose to serve - have no opportunity to earn extra credit. I know, I personally don't need the extra credit, but the whole thing just seems wrong and unfair to me, esp coming from an Adult Ed program. And when I e-mailed the course coordinator about this, I got no answer from her, but the course instructor sent a snippy e-mail to the whole class. I want this class over so much...
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I think youre absolutely right.
This is a disgrace.
But when I attended full time university aged 53-57.....mature students were marginalised ....by both Uni authorities AND the students.
My advice is make a fuss. You deserve to be treated in an equitable manner.
I Think you have several opportunities to make a fuss.
1...ask them to video the lecture and say you will watch it.
2 ..give your tutor a recording device and ask him/her to tape it
after all the "extra" credit is about attending ie hearing the lecture.
3...send a proxy to tape it for you.

The dynamic of a University is that Professors are Gods and Students are not considered.
Effectively its like grade school. Or high school.
Most students are 18-21 and dont really know how to say "No" to a teacher. University for them is a continuation of High School.

If this was a burger in McDonalds youd complain.
(sorry about caps but Im angry because this is how Adult Education is all over the world)

It's weird to me that this is going on though, because I've taken a lot of adult ed courses through this college over the last 10 years or so and this is the first time this has happened. To a point, I wonder if it's because the instructor is teaching for the first time, but I don't want to be too critical until the course is over. After all this crap, I want to pass!

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