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Class Over
Checking In
Class is finally finished. I didn't do too well on the final, there were a few things that never came up in class that were on the final, and the instructor is being really uptight on semantics ('sitting' is not acceptable; only 'sitting position'). And we had a Westie in class who wanted my attentions during the test; writing with one hand and petting with the other probably wasn't the best way to go. But I definitely passed it and I had plenty of points going in.

Meanwhile, we were told the clinicals would be assigned first come first served based on when all paperwork and registration was submitted. Of the 14 people in the classes, one person had everything in. Guess who? Yep. So I got the clinical assignment I wanted, five minutes from the office. Mwah ha ha!

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Yay for getting the clinical you wanted! Good job! :)

(Hi, I just added you on morlith's friendzy.) :)

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