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Some Random Things
Something I've never understood about the holiday season: there is absolutely no traffic at all in the mornings, but afternoon is gridlock to the max. Schools and most businesses are open, so where the heck is everyone in the morning? And if they're not at work/school, why the heck are they all going out on the road at the same time?

Speaking of being on the road, we were driving the other day, in a populated suburban area just off the Beltway, and we had to stop. To let deer cross the road. Three of them, just moseying along across one person's lawn, wandering at their own pace across the street in front of us, then down someone's driveway. Like it's no big deal. The distinction between city and rural is really gone...

Poor CJ. I let her out this morning, then heard a ruckus, yelling & barking from next door. I assumed CJ had started something with the neighbor's terrier and raced out to fetch her back in. Turned out whatever was going on, CJ had nothing to do with it; she was in the middle of the yard, mid-poop. Poor dog couldn't decide whether to finish pooping or go to Mommy, so she started hopping on 3 legs, still in her squat, towards the house. I should have filmed it.

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That's pretty funny about your dog. And yeah, I guess deer are pretty common around where you live, according to my uncle who complains about them. :)

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