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Whither The Green Monster?
Firstly, for my new friends *waves*, the Green Monster is my old and fairly decrepit green minivan that I bought for doing arts and crafts shows.

Secondly...I'm thinking of cutting ties with the Monster. I haven't driven it in over a year, not since last year's show season, and only twice last year. With the state of my hand, my shoulder and my mother, I didn't do any shows this year and I really don't know if I'll be up for doing them next year, in which case the Monster won't be needed in 2012 either. Meanwhile the registration expires next week, and the battery is completely dead and needs replacing. So that's $250 or so just to get it on the road and legal. And another $250 a year in insurance, which is a sizeable chunk of change for me these days. For something I haven't used in over a year and best case wouldn't use until at least November, if not longer. I'm of a mind my best options are to either let it continue to sit (but I don't know if legally I can do that because of the registration, and I'd still have to pay insurance) or donate it to charity (saves me the money but I won't have a vehicle large enough for shows if/when I decide to do them again). If I go with the donation option, I have to get everything out of it (it's kinda become a rolling storage locker) and find the title to it when I haven't even wrapped gifts yet. But I have to donate it before Dec 31 to duck the registration thing. Eesh. Decisions, hard decisions...
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Think of it this way, for at least $500 you could rent a minivan for 10 days..

Will you use it more than 10 days?

I'd probably use it 3-5 times, but would have to rent it overnight as load-ins are usually around 7am. I think the main reason I haven't ditched it is because there's so much heavy stuff involved, I couldn't load it 4 times in a day, twice was hard enough.

But if I don't do another show, I definitely won't need it. I expect to be hunting for the title tonight.

Hey, I saw you on morlith's friending frenzy and you seem interesting! Mind if I add you? :)

Here you can't park it on the street with an expired registration but you COULD park it in a garage/driveway/wherever you park your cars. So long as it's off the street, it's nobody's business but yours. :)

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