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Holiday Lunch
Big Ray
Just got home from the office's annual holiday lunch. Which didn't go as planned - the boss's wife begged off at the last second, the person who recommended the place said it had free parking (which it very well may, just not at lunch just before the holidays), there was no parking, and when we all finally got in there it seemed the entire restaurant had been booked for 2:30pm event - and it was already 1:30. So it was a rushed meal with no dessert, and not much by way of bonus checks either. But the food was good - the special was ravioli with artichokes in lemon cream sauce, and they were excellent. And we went home early, and we will go home early again tomorrow. Fortunate, as I haven't wrapped any gifts and this is the first time I've been home that my mother hasn't been, so I really better go wrap her stuff!

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Well, despite the snafus, the food sounds good! And yay for going home early from work! :)

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