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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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Busy Christmas Eve-Eve
Checking In
I worked most of the day yesterday, then went to the gym, picked up a couple things for Christmas, did some housecleaning, wrapped the rest of my gifts and finished putting together my annual 'music you might like' CD for my brother. Each year I pick out 16-20 songs by artists I don't think Mike is familiar with, but I think he'd like. Generally he likes at least half of them. I hope. Somehow I still had time to watch BBC America's 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!' special, (apparently the British aspect was a new panelist from the UK; I don't think Neil Gaiman counts as British, since he's lived in the US for 20 years), and a movie from a few years back, 'Something The Lord Made'. Very interesting film, about Vivien Thomas, a young black man whose college dreams are dashed by the Great Depression, but he happens to get a job working for Dr Albert Blaylock, and becomes Blaylock's right hand man as they pioneered open heart surgery and found a way to cure 'blue baby syndrome'. It also happened to be filmed in Baltimore; there was a lot of 'I know that street' and 'I've seen that house' going on. Good flick.