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Happy Holidays!
Dr Who
Here I sit and wait for the Dr Who special...not patiently, I assure you! It's already been a Doctor-ful weekend, as I recorded several specials from BBC America and one of my gifts was the Series 5 DVD set. Also landed Series 1 of Luther, Ticket to Ride: Asia, 7 Wonders, and Transeuropa. That part of the haul was good. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law bought a bunch of clothing for Mom and I and I'm pretty sure not a single one of them fits. And Mike bought some bathroom fixtures for us with the intent of installing them, but somehow he had managed not to notice we had the bathroom redone in August. Oops. The boys were thrilled to pieces with their huge haul of Beyblades and Legos (of which we only produced a third or so), and the dinner turned out well despite Mom's insistence that she knew better how to cook a prepared meal than whoever had prepared it in the first place. It took a lot of work but most things only got cooked once, and except for the gravy not for overlong. But it took a lot of oversight!

We just got home from Mike's house, where it's tough to walk around with all the Beyblade & Lego detritus on the floor. Not safe to walk around either, as the boys are engaging in Nerf gun battles with their other aunt and her hubby. I did manage to finally get Mike to try some games, teaching him Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, and he really liked TTR. I know because he interrupted Jeff's piano recital later to tell me he'd figured out what his mistake in the game was and how he'd fix it next time and beat me. Yeah, admit it, you liked that game! And after a lot of too-rich food and a lot of one-handed piano playing, we're home. Just in time for Packers v Dr Who. Wait...

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I should watch Dr Who! So many people talk about it but I haven't watched a single episode yet. But it is good to know there's something to look forward to. ;)

Yes, you certainly should :) It's good stuff, the newer version at least (I've never gotten the hang of the old Who.) Get thee to a DVD player/computer!

Sounds like a very nice Christmas overall. :)

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