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This Was Supposed to Be A Day Off
Bad Day
Hoping for relaxing and taking it easy and getting a few things done. Unfortunately I thought one of the things I ought to do was finish emptying the Monster. Specifically, trying to get the gridwall out of it and onto the back porch. I managed to load it onto a cart and headed off with it, but the wheels caught in the mud and the whole thing went over, with my arms and hands in the middle. The hands are banged up, the back is killing me and I ripped my arm up almost elbow to thumb. If I hadn't been wearing a heavy coat I would spent the day in the emergency room; as it is, it took a lot of Neosporin and bandages to patch my forearm back up. Great. I did get all the stuff on the porch eventually, and I got the other car's oil changed, but that was about it for getting things done.

I did finally catch up on Homeland - that show is just too good, though I still find it hard to believe it can continue at that level - saw the Nerdist special, which I much enjoyed and might have to look into further, and now I'm trying to catch up on Merlin. When what I really need to do is laundry and paperwork...

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Geez, what a day! Sad to hear you got so injured trying to wrestle stuff out of the Monster. Glad you didn't have to spend the day in the ER; they suck. :(

I've been in the ER with my mother; definitely, no wish to be there for myself!

I've been in there more times than I can remember for various things. Damn, I hate IV's. :(

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