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The Best Laid Plans
oh really
Sending the Monster on its way started fortuitously - I filled out the form online, and within an hour I received a call explaining the process, how to do the paperwork, etc and was told I'd get a call about arranging the towing, which I did an hour later. Now things start getting wonky. I thought the tow was coming today, and I needed to get home to remove the plates and turn over the title, because the title was at work with me. And I was supposed to stop by the animal hospital to meet with the clinical coordinator after lunch (he said he'd be there until 4). So I fibbed a little on the time to meet the tow truck so I could sneak over to the hospital. (My current job has no idea I'm training in another field, and I'm trying to keep it that way.) But I can't go anywhere unless my supervisor is there, and she had her own errands to run, so we agreed she'd go at noon and I'd go at 2. Well, boss shows up and wants this that and the other thing, NOW, and supervisor can't go until after 2pm. She doesn't get back until 3pm. I bolt straight to the hospital. Where they can't find the coordinator. Finally someone says 'oh, he left at 2 today.' News to not just me, but the receptionists. Terrific. They suggested I come in at 8am tomorrow. I am not a morning person. But I'll have to. I left there and headed for home, but just minutes later the tow company calls. At this point I discover we've had a disconnect in communication; they can't come today, they want to schedule for tomorrow. But I don't have to be there as long as the title is there. If I'd known that...so I schedule for tomorrow, and go back to work because I'm closer to that than home. Sheesh. Adding injury to insult, it was near impossible to get the front plates off the van. My hands are killing me.

I better get a LOT off my taxes for this...

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Donating a car is worth a big tax break; I did it once. And your cast-off will be someone else's gift. Sad to hear it was such a hassle today, though. :(

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