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Last Night of the Year
Checking In
And I'm home. Went out in search of scrubs earlier in the day (found a set in purple, of course, not too expensive, and also found some comfy shoes), then went gaming for a while. Somehow I managed to win all three games I played, even though 2 were new to me. Ticket to Ride: Asia was particularly amusing, as it's a partnership game, and as things happened, there was a lot of partner-swapping and at least one gender switch. We're weird. Learned another new one and won it, then won at Carcassonne. I managed to avoid the annoying players, and picked up a dogsitting gig along the way. I left early so as to avoid annoying drivers - didn't work. I even called 911 to report a really sloshed jackass who was driving 40 on I-95 but 70 on an offramp.

But now home, safe, probably bedding down early. Lots of stuff to do around the house and lots of football tomorrow, heh heh.

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Glad that you had a great time gaming! And oy! on the drunk driver! That's pretty bad. :(

Happy New Year! :)

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