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Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?
Big Ray
You bet we have playoffs. Except not this week. The boys get a week off. Mwahaha. The only thing better would've been if Buffalo or Miami could have held onto those huge leads they took on the Pats the last couple weeks. Either team hangs in there, the Ravens are the top seed in their conference. But we'll take 2nd.

Now to wait two weeks...impatiently...

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Congrats! I don't know whether we're in the playoffs or not. We probably lost to Kansas City, but if the Raiders lost too, we're in. The Broncos have been super-meh for years, unfortunately. :(

The Broncos did make it in - like the Bengals, they backed in. They lost, but so did everyone else. Have fun with the Squealers next week!

Ha ha, we will probably get our asses kicked. No Super Bowl for us this year! :)

There are so many question marks for the AFC, I really don't know who to pick to win any of the games. The only "weak link" I see is Houston, but even they can play well if everything falls correctly. It really will depend on who plays well in each game this year. Yowza!

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