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When Artists Invade the Internet

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New Years Gaming WTFery
After picking up a badge for the internship, I headed out for the final day of New Year's gaming. Getting into and out of games didn't work very well, and I wound up in a cooperative game (I don't like them) that took forever just for me and it kept going for another hour after my character was killed. I tried another game and managed to lose the whole game on the first round. Did eventually land in a game of On The Underground, which I won for the first time ever.

But the real entertainment was yet to come. I had parked two blocks away and walked in with another gamer, Richard, who is disabled and needs crutches and braces to walk. On the wayin , I noticed a lot of trash cans and folding chairs in the street blocking off parking spaces, which is illegal in Maryland. We figured that's why Richard had to park so far away. Well, late in the afternoon one guy goes out to his car to get something and comes back with a letter, purportedly signed by a dozen residents of the street. The letter was rude bordering on nasty, and went on at length about what horrible people guests of this house were for parking on their street and demanding we park on Street B insted of Street A. We all went out & checked our vehicles, all but one had the same nasty letter. (If you guessed I was the oddball, you're right. So I stood in the street and announced that I was insulted and outraged that everyone but me gets a nasty letter. That'll confuse 'em.) The vehicles that had the letters included Richard's handicap-placarded car, a motorcycle, a states attorneys' car with with a universal permit and several cars that were parked on Street B, where we were supposedly supposed to park. Unfortunately for these nitwits, it's a public street; everyone parked in a legal spot; as noted, blocking off parking spots is illegal; and to top it off they claimed we were denying them their 'livelihoods' when there's no zoning or permits for a home business in that neighborhood. And now they've pissed off several attorneys and a disabled guy. Richard is filing an ADA complaint tomorrow. It's war. And gamers know their wars.

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Keep us posted on the parking war. I'd love to find out what the attorneys in particular do. :)

Oh, MAN. Please keep us updated on what happens! I can't believe they'd act that way! Good grief!

I suspect those neighbors will soon discover they've gone to the OK Corral armed with a potato peeler :)

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