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Gonzai Gallery

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Day One, Complete
Tomorrow will be very interesting. I think I pulled, strained, twisted or otherwise dinged pretty much every part of my body. Evidently someone at the animal hospital didn't do their job too well earlier today, because I wound up doing their jobs for them. That job? Cleaning out the cages. Cleaned a dozen cages, half on the floor, all too deep for me to really get the back wall, and some with poop and/or puke. Boy, I'm going to feel it tomorrow.

Also was walked through a lot of smaller things, and taken around the facility, which is unbelievably large. I think I'll call it the TARDIS; it didn't look big outside, but ye gods, there was a lot inside. And I finally have a proper schedule. Phew. Now where's the ibuprofen...

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Sad to hear you had to muck out the cages and stressed your body doing it! Will you have to do this on a regular basis? What's your position there? :)

I'm an intern, so I do what they tell me to :) I'm told that because the schedules for regular employees are random, my assignments will be as well, and I'll do turns on the front desk, the pharmacy, etc. So I shouldn't be cleaning cages every time at least.

Sounds like a great way to get a lot of experience, though!! :)

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