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Following Up To Last Night
There was some positive at clinical today - Fritz the dachshund apparently has pinched nerve in his neck and if that's the case, he'll be OK. The obnoxious cat? One of the techs decided to adopt her. And most of today's patients were for minor ailments. But Jetta's owners came back, and after conferring with the vet, decided to have her put down. This was especially upsetting because she was able to stand up and walk a few steps today. I left the second my shift was over so I wouldn't be there when it Jetta's time.

I'm starting to wonder now - even after all the time and money I've put in on this - if this is something I still want to do. Animal care, yes, but I don't know if medical care will work. Soul-searching time, I guess.

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Sounds like you have to decide whether you can get used to facing this on a regular basis or not. Maybe it would help to talk to some of the techs to see how they got through? :)

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