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A Better Night
Checking In
Things were slow at the hospital today and tonight - few emergencies, and half the appointments cancelled. Almost no animals there for boarding or overnight treatment. So I spent quality time with Onyx, a pit bull mix whose owner dropped her off for boarding six weeks ago and never came back. We had a grand time cleaning the dog ward together. I cleaned, she inspected afterward :)  Several cats came in, and all of them were perfectly behaved(!) One cat waited through 5 attempts to draw blood without complaint. Amazing. The only sad thing was Henry, a 16yo Labrador who was absolutely riddled with cancer and his owners finally realized it was time. The poor fellow was so sick and weak he couldn't move, and his owners couldn't bear to be with him at the end, so a tech and I stayed with him and petted him while he died. It wasn't easy, but it was better than last week, I guess because Henry was so old and ill.

Now I've got to get to bed, if I want any chance of getting through this week.

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I'm glad you had a better day at the hospital. Still sounds very intense.

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