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Oh Yeah, It's Monday
Bad Day
I want Donovan's coat. Seriously. The furnace in the office broke down sometime in the last 48 hours, and guess who's the only one in the office without a space heater? You got it. I'm freezing. I can't imagine what it'd be like if I hadn't worn my longjohns today, in anticipation of clinical after work. I'd be a popsicle.

Meanwhile, I also didn't have time to eat breakfast or pick it up on the way home, I can't leave the office today because the office manager is out, and the decent food places are closed Mondays anyway. Cold and hungry. Spiffy.

ETA - Repairmen have been and gone. The igniter failed; they had one on the truck and had the thing fixed in 5 minutes. Much better now!

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Blech. I'm cold enough I have a hoodie on over my sweater. Doesn't sound like any fun for you. *hugs*

Take the person's space heater who is out?

The office manager doesn't have one either; but since she wasn't here I didn't count her in the space heater tally.

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