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Now I'm Official
Checking In
I suffered my first (and my second) animal-inflicted injury last night, so I figure that makes me an official animal care employee. First I encountered Vern, an overly ambitious dachshund who had picked a fight with a 95lb Rottie. Vern lost. Unfortunately for me, most of Vern's injuries were on his neck, precisely where I'm supposed to restrain him. So I had to hold him in a less efficient manner, and Vern wasn't about to hold still. Oh, and he needed his nails trimmed. He head-butted me in the glasses and scratched my left hand to pieces. Then for an encore, a 3month old kitten didn't like having blood drawn and tried to head for the hills, scratching the same hand in the process. I have a shredded hand today.

On the better side of things, three straight shifts with no deaths. Close call on Saturday, when a ferret arrived in full insulin shock. CPR/paddle shocks on a ferret. That was memorable. We were able to revive the little guy and he had surgery yesterday to remove the growths that were causing his insulin issues. He looked fine last night.

Over half way there...

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You are definitely getting there! Your animal hospital stories are fascinating. :)

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