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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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I finally got to do a new puppy appointment - a 10 week old cocoa & white pit bull named Ziggy. He was very happy throughout the intake (he wiggled so much we couldn't get a decent weight on him) until he actually got his vaccination shot. Then his poor widdle feelings were hurt, he tried to sulk and instead fell asleep. Adorable. We also had a visitor for the day, a four week old pup named Nugget. Nugget was found abandoned at a couple days old and one of the receptionists adopted her. Nugget is a tan & white Chihuahua who still isn't as big as my fist and my hands are small. Totally cute :)

Mostly though, we were just bored silly today. Saturdays are usually very busy so they had a full staff scheduled (plus two interns) but there was a 'wintry mix' last night that finished up with a nice coat of ice. All the staff made it in, almost none of the appointments did. Very, very slow day. Thank goodness for puppies.