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I See Stupid People
Angry Raven
They own a cute chihuahua named Chloe. They've bred Chloe 3 times in 18 months. After the first litter, she was hypocalcemic (she had no calcium in her body) and it nearly killed her. The vets saved her and admonished the owners to give Chloe a Tums every day, esp if she was pregnant or nursing. The owners immediately bred her again and didn't bother with calcium. The previous events were repeated. They bred her a third time. She had the pups last week. Tonight she's in the ER again, dammit. We were able to set her right again (and now Chloe and I are pals) but we had to give her back to the idiots. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, I finally met the head vet, who is a celebrity in Baltimore and oftens treats celebrity pets when they're in town. (There are photos of him with Ben Affleck, Hilary Swank, etc around the hospital.) Problem is, when we met, I had just been bitten by a cat and was flushing out the cut. He was not amused, but was very worried. Cat bites are the big concern for humans, cats have nasty bacteria in their mouths that cause equally nasty infections. So he hovered while I washed it out a half dozen times. What a way to meet the boss!

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Did you read my posts back in March about my cat bite incident? I spent 3 days in the hospital and was out of work for over a month and had to have physical therapy, so I know first hand how awful cat bites can be.

I gotta ask, what vet are you working for?

And poor Chloe -- puppy mills breed every heat but I didn't think regular owners would do that kind of thing. The poor dog!

I do recollect your tale, indeed. Fortunately it was a small wound and I did flush it out plenty and a few times extra with both alcohol and betadine. I figure on some Neosporin to finish up for tonight. It could have been a lot worse, a tech wound up in the hospital from a bite Saturday. (She passed out.)

Oh, and I'm at Falls Road, finally met the famed Dr Kim Hammond tonight :)

That's good that it was only a small wound -- mine was much worse (I actually counted over 40 with a dozen really deep, major ones) and I only used peroxide to wash them out, so you were lucky to be there and have access to more stuff.

Wow, Dr. Kim Hammond! That's cool.

Now that I think about it, I believe that's the vet that my neighbor uses and she took Joey, the cat that bit me, there for his rabies shots, which meant I didn't have to worry about that and that poor Joey wouldn't end up dead as a result of biting me.

That must drive you crazy, to not be able to keep an animal's owners from hurting her (and using her as a puppy mill). *sigh*

And yeah, what a way to meet the boss, but he seems like his heart was in the right place!

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