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And I'm Done
Checking In
Well, hopefully I'm done. I had a lot of paperwork to be signed by my 'supervisor', except I never really had one and even with shadowing, I worked with 9-10 different people. There was a lot of buckpassing before I conceded and had one of the vets sign my timesheet, at least. I left the student evaluation for the coordinator, because nobody wanted any more paperwork at that point! (Some 25 or so surgeries today.)

The surgeries included a pair of sugar gliders that were there to be neutered. Seems like microsurgery to me! They were pretty cute and slept in odd poses. There was a rat that came in for emergency surgery - several inches of her tail had the skin stripped off when the tail was caught in her cage door, so they amputated it. The rat was really amiable under the circumstances. But tops of the night was one of the first - a boxer and her puppies. One of her puppies never actually was born and was stuck inside her, so the whole gang came to the hospital for Mom to have surgery. Four week-old pups. Adorable. And their mother was very concerned for her babies. Nice that they could stay together.

So now it's some online assignments and wait for the final class in mid-February.

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I've been very interested by your animal hospital stories. If you still want to be a vet tech, I hope you can find a good job when you graduate! :)

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