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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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World of Pets
I took Mom to the World of Pets Expo today - potentially disastrous - but we had an excellent time. It was amazingly crowded. no parking, absolutely packed, you couldn't budge in there. And roughly every other person brought at least one dog. Finding a seat for an event or getting close enough to see what was going on was pretty difficult. But there was just so much furry and friendly everywhere, ah, how wonderful. We forgot to shop on the way out (I wanted some silly car magnets & things of such manner, and we never found anyone selling dog blankets) but we did pick up little portable moist heat items. Hopefully these will be good for my hands. We stopped at Bertucci's on the way home and were absolutely blown away by our appetizer, roasted artichoke fonduta. Really awesome stuff. Mom wants the recipe.

ETA Photos!
 a four month old sheltie pup
 an alpaca
 this golden retriever figured out how to 'work it' and get some extra tips for her rescue
 a French Bulldog and...yes, that's a lion
 a Bengal tiger cub

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Wow, sounds like a good time, and especially because you didn't expect it to be. What's roasted artichoke fonduta? It sounds good. :)

One day, I will click on 'reply' instead of 'comment' and answer the comment instead of myself...

Wow, I love the pictures! Looks amazing! :)

Mom had a blast. And now my photos are up (my netbook wouldn't allow for it.)

What we know is in the fonduta: roasted artichokes, and mozzarella, asiago & romano cheeses. There's some other herb or spice in there, it has a kick, but we don't know what. We scooped it with flatbread, it was fabulous.

Mmmm, it sounds wonderful. Now I am hungry! :)

Oh my god! What are tigers and lions doing there?

Got me. The same display also had a capybara (too far away to see) and several monkeys and coatimundis, who moved too fast to photograph. The other critters in attendance weren't always common ones, but at least they weren't in the realm of wild animal!

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