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Monday Waited For Tuesday
Bad Day
Yesterday was not bad for a Monday. I shoulda known better. As I was getting ready for bed, I saw CJ had inflicted yet more damage on her crate, so I spent a lot of time - and a lot of stress on my hands - rewiring and zip-tying the thing back together. My hands kept bugging me all night, so I didn't sleep much. Neither did CJ - she woke me at 5am. Seems she had a reason, the power had gone out, for who knows how long, and now my alarm clock was flashing midnight. (The battery backup doesn't work.) Had to get up and go downstairs looking for a clock that still had the right time, then turn on the lights and reprogram the clock. Didn't get back to sleep before the alarm went off. Sheesh. While waiting for CJ to do her business, I sat down at the computer - and discovered that the backup for that had shut down. Rebooted the computer, and...the reboot failed. Something went awry when the power went out. Had to run a full recovery on it. Oh, and reset all the clocks that didn't have the right time. And then I didn't have time for breakfast. I'm not having fun so far today.
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Yikes, what a way to start a day! Hope the rest of it went better! :)

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