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A Peppery Rant
say what?
To start off, peppers and I are not friends. Table pepper isn't too bad, but red peppers will put me in the bathroom for an extended time, green ones are no better plus I can't stand the smell or taste and anything that's been near them smells and tastes like them, and the other kinds aren't fun either.

What's increasingly driving me nucking futs is that everybody is putting peppers in every possible form of food. I go to a restaurant, 75-80% of the menu options contain peppers. I go to the grocery store, everything has peppers in it. Every other frozen dinner has them. Nearly everything in the deli or meat case, has peppers. If it looks good, it's got peppers in it. For crying out loud, I couldn't find SOUP without them. This is getting freaking ridiculous. I suppose it makes it easier to decide what I'm eating, to have most options eliminated from the gitgo, but it's frustrating. The absolute worst thing, though, is when they put peppers in something and then don't mention it on the label or menu.

/rant over

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You are not alone. I have learned what to order and always tell the server that I am allergic to peppers. I eat alot of eggs for protein source so mostly do not have to deal with peppers when ordering. Also don't eat many frozen dinners or prepared soup. What a pain.
I once ordered a veggie omelet and asked for spinach instead of peppers and they put peppers in anyway. I sent it back. And now make it a point to say I am allergic to peppers.

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