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Superbowl Schmuperbowl
Checking In
The football game is just not holding my interest. And the commercials have been either mundane or stupid. So pooh on that, switching to 31 Days of Oscar. 'The Lavender Hill Mob', specifically. We've already watched the Puppy Bowl 1.5 times and cleared the tv shows off the DVR, plus took care of a lot of paperwork and computer stuff, experimented with food (tried to cook artichokes for the first time, they turned out decently), did some cleaning, and looked at one house that had a stunning kitchen but way too many stairs, steep ones at that. Yesterday I finally was able to go to gaming again, didn't get to play too much between being tired and a couple games taking way too long to play. But I played a bit and got a few things done so I can't fault the weekend entirely.

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Sounds productive! Sean and I also aren't watching the Superbowl; we're just not into football. His parents are, though. :)

I watched a bit of the start of the Puppy Bowl. Loved Fumble and Oscar.

I liked Ronnie, she reminded me of CJ. And Abilene, with her little white toes :)

I didn't watch long enough to see them :(

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