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Gonzai Gallery

When Artists Invade the Internet

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This Will Be A Weekend
How Nice
So far I have:

1 Gaming tonight
2 A meetup of an internet group in Alexandria, VA tomorrow. Bear in mind it's supposed to snow tomorrow morning
3 Gaming Sunday afternoon
4 Mom wants to look at houses Sunday afternoon and there's at least one I'd like to see
5 Last class of the program is Monday night
6 Mom is hosting bridge club Tuesday

Things with no particular time attached include: review/prep for last class, cleaning the house for bridge club, grocery shopping for same, grocery shopping for me (I have nothing to eat at the office), a full DVR and a lot of laundry, going to the gym and oh yeah, some sleep would be nice. And that's just what all I know about.

Meep. Something's gotta give here.

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I am hoping the wintry precipitation they're predicting doesn't materialize as anything significant. Weather.com says no significant accumulation, WeatherBug says an inch of snow overnight, WBAL says no accumulation. I don't know what to believe. *shrug*

I understand that kind of schedule. At least it seems like some fun-busy.

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